3M™ - TroubleShooter™ Liquid Finish Remover

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3M™ - TroubleShooter™ Liquid Finish Remover

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  • No measuring and mixing necessary — spray helps ensure accurate dilution
  • Use to clean baseboards and other difficult to reach areas
  • Dwells for 2-5 minutes
  • Aggressive formula penetrates and loosens soils, wax, and floor-finish build-up quickly and thoroughly
  • Ready-to-use solution is non-flammable
  • Non-ammoniated formula strips floors without the need for rinsing or neutralizing

Ideal for hard to reach surfaces, 3M™ Trouble Shooter™ Liquid Finish Remover is a ready-to-use, heavy-duty baseboard stripper that is applied with a trigger sprayer, mop or brush.

Whether it's baseboards, floor edges, corners, stairways, or ceramic tile, the surfaces that see the most contact need the most care. 3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper utilizes a strong, non-ammoniated formula that's optimized to break down some of the toughest buildups. Simply shake, apply, and clean — use 3M™ TroubleShooter™ Baseboard Stripper and fight back against dirty surfaces.

Suggested Applications

  • For use on baseboards, floor edges, corners, stairways, and ceramic tile
  • Not for use on painted surfaces or old asphalt tile — immediately wipe off any overspray


  • Available in 652 gr. tin or Case (12)

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