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Key Features

A highly active liquid formulated with a stable blend of cultured bacteria and waste digesting enzymes which provide biological cleaning and odor-control by eliminating the source of the problem. Bactizyme is pleasantly scented, non-toxic, contains no harsh chemicals and is completely bio-degradable.

  • Excellent for use in restrooms (especially on floor tiles around urinals and toilets)
  • Digests uric acid salts, so foul odors from urinal drain lines are effectively eradicated
  • Can be used to clean washroom areas particularly the floors where urine can permeate into the floor causing unpleasant smells
  • The engineered bacteria in Bactizyme will remove stubborn stains and odors
  • Can be used to clean both hard and soft surfaces
  • It is particularly useful for treating carpets, floorboards and upholstery in healthcare facilities and nursing homes where urine and other soils need to be removed and the odors controlled


  • Available in 4l jugs and 20l pails

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