Clarke® Carpetmaster 100 Series Upright Vacuum

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Clarke® Carpetmaster 100 Series Upright Vacuum

$ 585.00 CAD
$ 650.00 CAD


Clarke’s CarpetMaster ® 12 inch and 15 inch single-motor upright vacuums deliver affordable quality along with a high level of cleaning performance with its exceptional dirt pick-up and filtration. A full complement of tools and user-friendly design features makes the CarpetMaster easy to use and maintain.

* High efficiency, three-stage H.E.P.A. (certified) filtration system improves indoor air quality for improved occupant comfort.
* Comfortable, quick draw wand and onboard tools simplify detailing work.
* 50 ft (15 m) power cord
* Low sound level (69 dB)

CarpetMaster 112 (12 inch model)
CarpetMaster 115 (15 inch model)

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