Extra Large Garbage Bags

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Extra Large Garbage Bags

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Our bags are made from linear low density polyethylene
resin which is stronger, tougher, resists tearing and puncturing and has more stretchability than bags made from conventional resins. Bags are dispensed one at a time from the side, or in bundles of 25 from the top. They are constructed with classic lay-flat seam construction which provides better strength than gusseted bags.

Available sizes:

45 Gal. Container & X-Frame Collector Cart
35x50 Black Layflat Reg. (Cs/200)
35x 50 Clear Layflat Reg. (Cs/200)
35x50 Black Layflat Strong (Cs/125)
35x50 Black Layflat X-Strong (Cs/100)
42x48 Black Layflat Reg. (Cs/125)
42x48 Black Layflat Strong (Cs/100)
42x48 Black Layflat Super Strong (Cs/50)

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