Motor Scrubber - Battery Operated

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Motor Scrubber - Battery Operated

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It’s powerful, lightweight design produces outstanding cleaning results with very little effort. The telescoping handle provides even greater versatility allowing a cleaning height of up to 15 feet. Designed for safe and reliable use, the Motor-Scrubber quickly and effortlessly cleans your restrooms, showers, windows, stairwells, baseboards, pools and motor vehicles.

features and specifications

* Weight 1.6kg + 2.9kg
* Recharge time is 8 hours


* Compact scrubber to get into awkward areas
* Battery powered meaning the operator is not restricted in movement and can clean in water without the risk of electrical shock
* Battery duration is 4 hours on a single charge
* Immersible head can clean in water and be used with all floor cleaning chemicals
* Powerful, high torque motor agitates to remove dirt and grime with ease
* Telescopic handle
* Lockable, 70 degree pivoting head
* Change between accessories by twisting and locking accessory in place by hand
* Wide range of accessories making this a highly versatile machine for cleaning toilets, floors, windows, baseboards, staircases, vehicles, swimming pools, changing rooms, kitchens and many other areas.

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