Tork® Elevation® PeakServe™ Mini Continuous™ Hand Towel Dispenser

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Tork® Elevation® PeakServe™ Mini Continuous™ Hand Towel Dispenser

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Tork PeakServe is designed for high and peak-traffic washrooms where staff needs to maximize cleaning time and maintain a good flow of people. Compatible with Tork PeakServe Continuous hand towels, the system has high capacity of 1,230 towels. The compressed refills are fast to fill, can be topped up at any time and are easy to transport, enabling staff to focus on cleaning, not refilling. Refill with hand towels when it suits you. More flexibility means more time to clean. Taking a towel is always smooth and easy with our patented Continuous hand towel system. Towels served in 3 seconds for a better washroom flow with no hold ups for guests.


Brand Name: Tork® Elevation®

Product Number: 552538

Product Level: Value Added

System Identifier: H5 System

TorkSelect: Yes

Replaces: --

Description: Tork® PeakServe® Mini Continuous[TM] Hand Towel


Color: Black

Material: Plastic

Country of Origin: Poland

Dispenser Dimensions HxWxD (Inches): 19.3 x 14.44 x 3.97

(49.02 x 36.68 x 10.08 cm)

Dispenser Capacity: 3 Bundles - 1,230 Towels

Units Per Case: 1

Approx. Lbs. Per Case: 7.12 (3.2 kg)

Cubic Feet Per Case: 0.91 (0.0258 cubic meter)

Approx. Product Net Wt Per Case: 6.04 (2.7 kg)

Dispensers Per Tier: 24

Cases Per Tier: 24

Tiers Per Unit Load: 4

Unit Order Quantity (Cases): 96

Case Dimensions LxWxH (Inches): 21.475 x 15.276 x 4.843

(54.55 x 38.8 x 12.3 cm)

Dispenser Key Number: 200260

Meets ADA Technical Requirements: ADA Compliant

Product Options: 105065, 105066

Dispenser Parts: 552018

Shipping Container Code: 100 73286 65637 4

Inner Pack UPC: --

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