Tork® Universal Hand Towel Roll - 214250

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Tork® Universal Hand Towel Roll - 214250

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Tork Universal Hand Towel Rolls offer the perfect combination of performance and value. Easy to load and maintain for ease of use. Embossing enhances hand feel and maximum absorbency with fewer towels used per hand dry. Long-lasting rolls minimize maintenance costs while maximizing service. Moderate roll size of 425 linear feet for smaller spaces and compact dispensers. Made from 100% recycled fiber, minimum 50% post-consumer fibers, providing environmental benefits and a positive image builder.

ECOLOGO® and Green Seal[TM] Certified; EPA Compliant.

Replaces RB425 and Wausau Paper 46300.


Brand Name: Tork Universal

Product Number: 214250

Product Level: Standard

System Identifier: H21 System

TorkSelect: No

Replaces: 46300, RB425

Description: Tork Universal Hand Towel Roll

Country of Origin: United States

Ply: 1-Ply

Color: Natural White

Sheet Size WxL (Inches): --

Towels Per Roll: --

Units Per Case: 12

Towels Per Case: --

Roll Width (Inches): 7.875 (20.0 cm)

Core Inside Diameter (Inches): 1.925 (4.89 cm)

Roll Dia. (Inches): 6.2 (15.75 cm)

Dimension (Inches x Feet): 7.875 x 425 (20.0 cm x 129.54 mtr)

Linear Feet Per Roll: 425 (129.54 mtr)

Linear Feet Per Case: 5,100 (1,554.48 mtr)

Approx. Lbs. Per Case: 25.73 (11.7 kg)

Cubic Feet Per Case: 2.35 (0.0665 cubic meter)

Approx. Product Net Wt. Per Case: 24.46 (11.1 kg)

Unit Order Quantity (Cases): 42

Cases Per Tier: 7

Tiers Per Unit Load: 6

Case Dimensions LxWxH (Inches): 19.125 x 12.875 x 16.5 (48.58 x 32.7 x 41.91 cm)

Dispenser Options: 83TR, 84TR, 86ECO, 87T

Recycled Content: 100% recycled fiber content and a minimum of 50% Post Consumer fibers and is EPA Compliant.

Certification: ECOLOGO®, Green Seal[TM]

Compostable Verification: --

Shipping Container Code: 1 00 73286 64736 5

Inner Pack UPC: 073286647368

Additional Info: This product meets Green Seal Standard GS-1 based on chlorine-free processing, energy and water efficiency, and content of 100% recovered material with a minimum of 50% post-consumer material. Green

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