Vileda® Corn Toy Broom/ Lobby Broom - 134508

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Vileda® Corn Toy Broom/ Lobby Broom - 134508

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Sweep with momentum that stems from a time-tested material!

Rugged and durable, the Vileda Corn Broom draws on the absorbent properties and flexible firmness that have anchored this material at the heart of our traditions for generations. Designed for coarser surfaces, it energetically sweeps dirt and grime without getting damaged even deep inside grooves and hollows. Its fibres will remain flexible and effective as long as they’re moistened and wrung from time to time. To extend its lifespan, store it in a place that’s neither too hot nor too dry.

Subdue all traces of soil and matter on rough and porous outdoor surfaces with the Vileda Corn Broom!

  • Four rows of sturdy seams.
  • Flexible and robust straw bristles.
  • Perfect for outdoor sweeping.

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