Vileda® UltraSpeed Flat Mop System Bucket & Wringer

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Vileda® UltraSpeed Flat Mop System Bucket & Wringer

$ 25.00 CAD


Vileda's new "UltraFlex" Bucket and Wringer designed for use with the "UltraSpeed" flat microfibre mopping system.

UltraSpeed is a new, easy to use, modular floor cleaning system with a revolutionary press. With the new press you’re able to achieve better press results. Cleaned floors are getting dry faster and can be used after a short time. The system features with low cost, light weight materials, fast and effective press, durability and several mops for different applications

UltraFlex Bucket with Castors features a large 34 litre/36 quart bucket. An extended leg design, which helps prevent excessive back bending, is available as an add-on feature

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