Vileda® Ultra Flex Bucket System

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Vileda® Ultra Flex Bucket System

$ 25.00 CAD


The most up-to-date, innovative and ergonomic bucket and wringer on the market today.

Flexibility is UltraFlex´s most obvious feature.
The configurations are many, and the beauty lies in that you can easily change or upgrade your UltraFlex to new levels, as your needs and demands change.

  • Optional extended leg design prevents excessive bending minimizing back strain
  • Optional Bucket-In-Bucket System (see first image above) with a clean water, double bucket configuration offers a cleaning result that no other similar system does. The secret lies in the design. The mop is pre-rinsed in the dirty water compartment before it comes in contact with the clean water compartment. Also, mop wringing is performed in the dirty water compartment. In this way floors are mopped cleaner, since the dirty water is kept separate from the clean water.
  • The downward pressure style wringer is especially designed to "more effectively" wring all mop heads and engineered to force water directly into the bucket, allowing for faster floor drying times and improved ergonomics.

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