Zep® All in One Cleaner

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Zep® All in One Cleaner

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A.I.O. NPE FREE is a concentrated liquid multi-purpose cleaner sanitizer containing wetting agents, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium chlorides, water soluble solvents and odour counteractants.

  • Allows for sanitary surfaces after cleaning.
  • Use as little as 1:250 parts water for low end use cost.
  • Provides fast effective cleaning while leaving surfaces streak and film free. Eliminates odours as it cleans.
  • Use for a wide range of cleaning jobs including floor, bathroom, shower and grout cleaning. Ideal for carpet pre-spray and spotting. Removes mold and mildew stains.
  • Use to clean and deodorize garbage cans and urinals, plus various other surfaces. Excellent on mold and mildew odours. Freshly scented.
  • Does not contain harsh alkalis or acids, for safe employee use.

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