Zep® Antifoam

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Zep® Antifoam

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A highly concentrated liquid defoamer that contains a blend of choice silicone antifoam agents, corrosion inhibitors, nonionic emulsifiers and emulsion stablizers dispensed in a water system.

  • Zep Antifoam eliminates possibilty of foam being drawn into a vacuum motor and causing clogging, corrosion or electrical short-out.
  • Zep Antifoam is extremely concentrated.
  • Zep Antifoam will not harm metals or plastics commonly used in hot water extraction carpet machines
  • Zep Antifoam is non-flammable and has no flash point.
  • Convenient ready-to-use form allows fast, easy application with no mixing and no waste.
  • Zep Antifoam allows the entire volume of the vacuum tank to be utilized.

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