Zep® Big Bully Cleaner

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Zep® Big Bully Cleaner

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Big Bully is a clear, colourless, slightly viscous liquid product formulated for removal of carbon deposits, grease, and baked-on-food from stoves, ovens, grills, and hoods. Composed of alkaline builders, detergents and emulsifiers.

  • Cuts grease - Quickly emulsifies and saponifies grease so that it can be easily wiped away.
  • Removes baked-on food - Penetrates, loosens and dissolves baked-on food soil so that it can be removed with only minimal scrubbing with an abrasive pad.
  • Low odour - Essentially odourless in use.
  • Non-flammable - No flash point
  • Completely biodegradable - Contains only biodegradable detergents and emulsifiers.
  • This product has been deemed acceptable for use in food establishments.

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