Zep® Clinging Shower Cleaner

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Zep® Clinging Shower Cleaner

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A thickened, ready-to-use liquid containing wetting agents, low pH acid saltx, Xanthan gelling agents, and fragrance.

  • Eliminates need for dilution and product misuse.
  • Rapidly removes heavy accumulations of soap scum and mineral deposits.
  • Produces a clinging gel for superior contact time and cleaning of vertical surfaces.
  • Use of an odorless, low-pH acid salt that eliminates unfriendly odors assoicated with acid use.
  • Use on glass, fiberglass, plastic, stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, and most other bathroom surfaces not affected by water.
  • All ingredients meet EcoLogo CCD146J - Bathroom Cleaner requirements.

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