Zep® Drain Guard Plus

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Zep® Drain Guard Plus

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Drain Guard Plus is a liquid product formulated with non-pathogenic active bacterial cultures. Excellent to prevent grease, oil cellulose, protein and starch accumulations in traps and drains, and mains. Promotes proper function of septic tanks, drain fields, ponds, lagoons and holding tanks.

  • Contains protein digesting, starch digesting, cellulose digesting, and fat, grease and oil digesting bacteria at the rate of 52.7 billion per litre.
  • Leaves grease traps and drains free of malodours.
  • No harsh chemicals to damage cast iron, PVC, or other plumbing materials.
  • No danger of burns or other injuries associated with acid and caustic based drain cleaners.
  • Won’t raise or lower pH of effluent waters – won’t interfere with natural biodegradation of wastes in system. Actually increases activity, in septic tanks, ponds, lagoons.
  • Leaves areas treated smelling fresh.

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