Zep® Extract-It Plus

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Zep® Extract-It Plus

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EXTRACT-IT PLUS is a concentrated liquid carpet cleaner containing detergents, conditioners, and soil repellant fluoropolymers. Use for extraction cleaning as well as Bonnet cleaning.

  • Mixes readily in water. Leaves no undissolved particles to clog up spray jets or valves
  • Dilution of 1:25 allows for greater economy
  • Contains fluoropolymers to repel soil from carpet. This allows the carpet to stay cleaner.
  • Contains a unique ingredient which blocks sites on fibers to prevent stain penetration/bonding making stain removal easier.
  • Special heavy-duty formulation rapidly penetrates and removes tenacious soil, and grease.
  • Formulated with anti-redeposition components to reduce resoiling of carpet fibers.

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