Zep® Formula 15282 | Low-Foam Cleaner and Degreaser

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Zep® Formula 15282 | Low-Foam Cleaner and Degreaser

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Low-foam cleaner and degreaser for use in recirculating spray cabinets and hot vats. Unique buffering system prevents damage to sensitive metals, such as aluminum, but is powerful enough to remove tough soils from ferrous metal surfaces. Rinses quickly, leaving no residue. Can be used on a wide range of metallic items.

  • Powerful • Penetrates, dissolves and suspends toughest soils
  • Free rinsing • Leaves no residue on cleaned part to interfere with subsequent operations
  • Low foam • Low-foam detergents provide excellent wetting action and allows use with severe agitation
  • Retards flash rust • Special ingredients retard rusting of ferrous surfaces, eliminating a second step
  • Versatile • One product cleans most metals efficiently in cabinet spray washers or hot vats

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