Zep® FS Formula 12167

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Zep® FS Formula 12167

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FS Formula 12167 is a chlorinated disinfectant, sanitizer, and deodorant for food processing plants and food retail establishments. It contains 5.25% available chlorine. It can be used as an egg shell sanitizer, a commercial laundry sanitizer, and in cooling towers. USDA applicable, D2. EPA registered.

  • As little as 1 ounce in 2 gallons of water is sufficient for sanitizing.
  • Uses range from sanitizing equipment to sanitizing eggs.
  • Can also be used to sanitize commercial laundry.
  • Provides deodorizing activity by destroying bacteria which generate many disagreeable odors.
  • Authorized as a no-rinse sanitizer for equipment, as a sanitizer in meat and poultry plants and as an egg sanitizer in egg plants.
  • Product labeling is color-coded red for easy use with other color-coded Zep food systems products.

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