Zep® Food Service Pot & Pan Scrub

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Zep® Food Service Pot & Pan Scrub

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FS Pot and Pan Scrub is a highly-concentrated fragrance-free liquid dish detergent formulated with detergents, emulsifiers, and emollients. It provides excellent grease and food soil-cutting ability with long-lasting suds.

  • Cuts and emulsifies grease.
  • Quickly removes other food soils from stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized metals, painted metals and other surfaces.
  • Its mild pH reduces the potential for irritation of the skin.
  • An economical 1:66 dilution produces an abundance of suds that cleans the oiliest and grimiest surfaces.
  • Performance and rinsability are unaffected by water hardness.
  • Leaves no scum or film on equipment, when rinsed.

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