Zep® HP Conveyor Lube

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Zep® HP Conveyor Lube

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Zep HP Conveyor Lube is a highly concentrated, water-based lubricant for use on conveyor chains. Formulated with a synergistic blend of lubricants and special chain detergents. Contains ingredients to prevent foul odors from developing.

  • Use at dilutions up to 1:400 parts water for low end use cost.
  • Reduces chain drag and wear. Conserves energy required to run drive motors. Prolongs chain drive and motor life.
  • Removes soil build-up and keeps conveyor clean, while at the same time preventing foul odors from occurring.
  • Biodegradable formula contributes to a safer environment.
  • This product has been deemed acceptable for use in food establishments.
  • Save on all packing containers including PET.

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