Zep® Jet Clean

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Zep® Jet Clean

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JET CLEAN is an ultra concentrated water based liquid designed for removal of road film from a wide variety of vehicles with no mechanical action required other than high pressure water. Formulated with high foam wetting agents, alkaline builders and water softening chelates.

  • High foam - Clinging foam allows for even coverage, better contact time and more effective cleaning.
  • Ultra concentrated - Can be used as low as 60 mL per car for economy.
  • Chelate based - Selected chelate insures the softest water and brightens metal parts.
  • Ultra effective road film removal action - Eliminates the need for rewashes and produces a superior initial wash.
  • Free rinsing - Easy to rinse with no residual films.
  • Biodegradable - Phosphate free. Caustic free. All ingredients are biodegradable.

Available Sizes

20 liters, 115 liters, 210 liters

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