Zep® Morado Super Cleaner

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Zep® Morado Super Cleaner

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Zep Morado Super Cleaner is a concentrated, multi-purpose, economical, water-based, alkaline cleaner and degreaser. It is designed primarily for extra-heavy-duty industrial cleaning applications. It quickly removes a wide variety of greasy and carbonaceous soils that are not readily attacked by ordinary cleaners/degreasers. It is a clear, purple liquid with a butyl solvent odor. Provides controlled amounts of foam that rinses quickly and completely. This very versatile product is useful to anyone with extremely heavy-duty cleaning applications, such as cleaning engine blocks, concrete floors, etc.

  • Formulated for efficient removal of the toughest soils
  • Low foam rinses quickly and completely from cleaned surfaces
  • Effective at high dilution ratios for economy
  • Product can be applied with a mop, brush, low pressure spray, or automatic scrubbing machine

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