Zep® MUWD #14 Kitchen Emulsifier

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Zep® MUWD #14 Kitchen Emulsifier

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MUWD #14 Titan Kitchen Emulsifier is a liquid, heavy-duty cleaner and degreaser containing a combination of synthetic detergents, water softeners, alkaline builders, corrosion inhibitors and biodegradable d’Limonene.

  • Controlled foam makes rinsing easy, leaving a film-free surface.
  • Performs equally well as either a floor and/or Hard surface cleaner to remove grease, oil and heavy grime in bathrooms and/or kitchens to clean most hard surfaces.
  • Inhibited to protect soft metals such as aluminum when used at the all-purpose cleaner dilution of 1:80
  • Contains no unpleasant volatiles. Has a pleasant citrus (orange) fragrance.
  • Special 2.0 litre bottles with safety stem prevents contact with chemical.
  • Designed to fit in MUWD cabinet.

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