Zep® OXY Stain Remover

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Zep® OXY Stain Remover

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Zep Oxy is an extremely effective stain remover designed for the removal of tough stains and odors from carpets and upholstery. It does not contain chlorine bleach or any other harsh chemicals and is completely biodegradable. No scrubbing is required. Simply spray Zep Oxy directly on the stain, and allow it to work. It will effectively remove organic and protein stains such as coffee, red wine, fruit juice, pet stains, urine, mud, and grass. Note: each case of 6 quart bottles also include three sprayer heads.

  • Simply spray this product on the stain and let the chemical work. No scrubbing is required.
  • Oxy removes organic and protein stains and odors caused by coffee, fruit juice, urine, grass, red wine, pet stains, mud and food.
  • For ease of use, this product requires no mixing

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